Month: June 2022

CODE Community

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

12 June 2022

Picture this – Father’s Day is around the corner and you don’t know what to do? What do dad’s even like? We may not know everything, but we do know a few places you can begin the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift! For those who aren’t celebrating Father’s Day, why not send something to […]

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students doing yoga

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Exam stress and how to cope with it

09 June 2022

If you’re in the middle of exams, it’s completely natural to be concerned about them, especially if you feel under pressure from lecturers or family. Exam stress might make you feel anxious or depressed and may cause you to forget things, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Here’s our top tips on how to […]

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Section 21 notices explained

06 June 2022

If you’ve just received a Section 21 notice/email from us, you may have a few questions about what this means. Below we have tried to answer the most common questions and put your mind at ease. FAQs What it is a Section 21 notice? Your contract at CODE is what is known as an “assured […]

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