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Our ASRA Award Nominee

28 February 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Danielle Lancaster has been nominated for an ASRA Award and has landed a spot as one of the final four nominees for ResLife Hero of the Year for her work at CODE Student Accommodation! 🏆

Danielle’s dedication to student welfare and providing outstanding support has not only earned her a well-deserved spot among the finalists but has also made a lasting impact on the CODE community. Her passion for creating a positive and engaging student experience shines through in every aspect of her work.

From her tireless efforts in organising and participating in numerous events to her willingness to go above and beyond, Danielle has truly proven herself as an invaluable member of our team. Her infectious enthusiasm, coupled with a genuine commitment to the well-being of our students, sets her apart as a ResLife Hero.

Let’s celebrate Danielle’s achievements and wish her the best of luck in the upcoming awards! 🎉 Thank you, Danielle, for your exceptional contributions to the CODE community. We are incredibly fortunate to have you on our team!