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Section 21 notices explained

06 June 2022

If you’ve just received a Section 21 notice/email from us, you may have a few questions about what this means.
Below we have tried to answer the most common questions and put your mind at ease.


What it is a Section 21 notice?

Your contract at CODE is what is known as an “assured shorthold tenancy” and it has an end date within the contract.
A Section 21 notice is the most common legal way of making sure you leave the flat at the end of the tenancy.
Giving you notice is how we confirm to you that we want you to leave your studio and the date we want you to leave by.

Why do you need a Section 21 notice if I have a contract?

We know our tenants are great and know when it’s time to leave their studio. But if you don’t leave your studio by the date given in the notice, we have the right to go to court and ask them for legal powers (a possession order) to get you to leave.

Does it mean I have to move straight away?

No! Getting a section 21 notice doesn’t mean you have to move out straight away. You can stay until the end date of your contract.

I’m staying in the same room next year, why do I need a Section 21 order? Do I need to move out?

You have two different contracts, so we need to officially bring one to an end, before your other contract starts. Therefore, even if you have renewed the same room, we will still send you a Section 21 order for the 2021/22 contract.
As long as you are up to date with your 2022/23 payments, you can continue to stay in your room over the Summer or leave your belongings in your room until your next contract begins.

Why are you sending the Section 21 notice now?

We are required by law to give you a certain amount of warning. Usually, a Section 21 notice must give you at least 2 months’ notice to leave your property.

So do I need to worry about the Section 21 notice?

Absolutely not! It doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong and it just a legal way for us to end your tenancy. We issue everyone the same notice, so you may have been the perfect tenant and paid your rent on time but still received the email.
This is just the way we cover ourselves in case you refuse to move out and we are required to take further action.

What if I need to stay in my flat after my contract ends?

You cannot by law stay in your flat longer than the date you are required to leave. If you think you may have exceptional circumstances that mean you need to stay beyond your tenancy agreement you must contact us immediately to discuss your situation.

Further questions?
We hope that has helped explain what a Section 21 notice is, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are still confused.

Coventry: 02476 105 106 or coventry@codestudents.co.uk
Leicester: 0116 233 5678 or leicester@codestudents.co.uk