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Exclusive renewal offer for current residents – book now for 2022/23

01 November 2021

Time is ticking reminder to current residents

Hello current resident! So, you’re interested in spending another year at CODE, that’s great news. We really want to prioritise your needs, which is why are giving all our current residents the chance to book their room before anybody else. That means you won’t miss out and can stay in your same room for another great year.

But don’t forget you need to have renewed by 30 November if you want to guarantee staying in the same room and don’t want to pay another deposit or holding fee.

How to re-book

The easiest way for you to book your same room is to go onto your student portal.

  • * From the home screen look for the “Rebooking” button and click on this


* You will then be presented with a list of options including ‘Booking Period’ (decide if you want 48/51 weeks and electricity included/excluded) and ‘Payment Option’ (one instalment/two instalments/four instalments). Please remember you can only choose four instalments if you have a guarantor who is a UK house owner.


*Next choose your room type. If you want to keep your room, please make sure you correct the same room type.


*If you want a different room, please select this and our team will be back in touch with you as you will need to pay one week’s rent as a holding deposit.

*When you’ve completed your selection, click confirm at the bottom of the page.


Our team will then process your booking and send you an email to complete your Tenancy Agreement. Please do this within 7 days.

It couldn’t be easier. But just in case you’re a little bit confused, our screenshots above show you where to find the information, and you can also ask us your questions:

Coventry: Call us on 02476 105106 or email coventry@codestudents.co.uk

Leicester: Call us on 0116 233 5678 or email leicester@codestudents.co.uk

Call into the office (wearing a face covering please) if you’ve got any questions or aren’t sure how to do anything.
The office opening hours are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Saturday, even during the lockdown.

So what do I need to pay?

The good news is, if you’re a current tenant and you book by the 30 November – you don’t need to pay anything now!

We won’t charge you one week’s rent as a holding deposit to reserve your room and you won’t have to pay another damage deposit if you stay in the same room. We’ll simply transfer your existing deposit to the next academic year. It couldn’t be simpler!

Plus, you’ll have the bonus of not having to move out over the Summer. That means you’ll be able to stay a few extra weeks (length depends on your contract) for free.

But be quick. This offer is only available until the 30 November. You can see why it’s so important to put this date in your diary.

Don't lose your room reminder to current residents

What happens when I book? Is that it?

You will have to make sure you sign your tenancy agreement within 7 days of making your booking. If you do not do this, your booking will be cancelled automatically, and you will need to go through the re-booking process again. If you make a room booking after 30 November, you will have to pay one week’s rent as a holding deposit up front.

Your booking and 1st December

If you have not booked by the 1 December, your room will be release on the website and there is a risk your room will be booked by someone else.

We don’t want that to happen and will do our best to make sure you stay in your room – but the easiest way to guarantee this is to have made your booking by the 30 November deadline.

Log into your student portal

Know someone who doesn’t already live here but who wants to book at CODE?

Bookings will open to everyone in early December. You will see when our website is updated and we will also be posting on social media. So, if you have friends who want to live here, make sure they are following us on Facebook, Insta or Twitter – or speak to one of our Chat Angels who can put them on a waiting list.

We also have a very limited pool of rooms available for early booking by non-CODE residents. The only way to book these rooms is to call us. We will require one week’s rent as a holding deposit to book and a tenancy agreement will need to be signed within 7 days.

Coventry: Call us on 02476 105106
Leicester: Call us on 0116 233 5678