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CODE Community Support Group – Week 16 – Coping with Stress

26 February 2021

“Give your stress wings, and let it fly away”

Our support groups are here once a week to help give you the help and advice you need. You can participate as much or as little as you like, just do what feels best for you.

Coventry – Wednesdays – 1pm – 3pm

Leicester – Thursdays – 2pm – 4pm

This week we focussed on something that affects everyone, but students more so than others. You do need an element of stress in your life, but it shouldn’t control you or your actions. It’s about balance and learning to cope and manage your stress, manipulating it to work for you.

Top tips to address stress

  • Be active
  • Take control
  • Connect with people
  • Have some me time
  • Challenge yourself
  • Avoid unhealthy habits
  • Work smarter, not harde
  • Try to be positive

Don’t worry if you couldn’t attend, we’ve got the content here for you to download.

If you feel you need help or support, please contact welfare@codestudents.co.uk