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CODE Community Support Group – Week 12 Routines

29 January 2021

Now in its 12th week, the support group is still going strong and adapts to suit you and the guidelines!

Sessions run every Wednesday in Coventry and every Thursday in Leicester, and they are led by a qualified psychotherapist. This way, you know you are getting expert advice, when you need it!

CODE Coventry – codestudents.co/support
CODE Leicester – codestudents.co/group

Each week focuses on a new topic, and starting from the 2nd week in February, we are tailoring them more around what you said you need support with.

This week’s topic was Routines and how they can help you with your mental health, but don’t worry if you couldn’t make the session as we will give you some hints and tips here and also share the content for you to download and work through in your own time!

Why Routines are Important for everyone:

  • They Create Structure
  • We know what to expect
  • It makes us feel safe
  • They give us a sense of accomplishment
  • They let us know how we are doing
  • It’s an indication to others how we are doing
  • It Moderates impulsiveness

To create a basic routine, take it day by day to start. Look at what you need to do that day, ensure you factor in time for meals and exercise. Once you have nailed your day by day, you can look at week on week.

To get the full session content,

click here.

If you feel you need help or support, please contact welfare@codestudents.co.uk