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Struggling for meal ideas?

08 January 2021

CODE are helping you to keep on track with your Veganuary 31-day challenge with our top tips!

*Meal planning*

This is an important part of any healthy, balanced diet, but is even more important when trying to complete this challenge. You are throwing your body off course with new nutrition, so you need to plan ahead to help keep you on track.

Meal planning for the week has many benefits:

  • It can save you money – you won’t be buying any additional things you don’t need
  • It can save you time – no panicking and procrastinating about what you want to eat
  • It can keep you organised – batch cooking and prepping meals for several days is a great way to keep up with your routine
  • It can keep you on plan – without a structure you would be sure to deviate away from the 31-day challenge

The Veganuary team have created three different meal plans, so they cater for a variety of nutritional needs! You can either stick to one or pick and choose from each of them. The world is your Oyster… or the menus are your broccoli (to stick with the vegan theme of course!).

Low Calorie Meal Plan

Medium Calorie Meal Plan

High Calorie Meal Plan