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How to focus on having a happy January

07 January 2021

After the fantastic feedback we received we are continuing on with our support groups so you can share and learn positive ideas and methods to promote wellbeing during these strange times.

Sessions will be running every Wednesday and we can only allow a maximum of 15 students whilst we continue to abide to lockdown rules and you must book your slot before the session.

CODE Coventry – codestudents.co/support
CODE Leicester – codestudents.co/group

In addition to the support groups, we’ve included some top tips to help you get through this next lockdown below:

Ways to help you think positive:
⦁ Focus on the good things, not the bad
⦁ Practice gratitude and keep a gratitude journal – write down what you are grateful for
⦁ Practice positive self-talk
⦁ Identify your areas of negativity – then tackle each area at a time
⦁ Start everyday on a positive note
⦁ Be open to humour
⦁ Follow a healthy lifestyle

But everything is going wrong!
Sometimes, it can seem impossible to be positive when everything is going wrong. It’s important at this point to take the pressure off yourself and focus that energy on getting the support you need from others.
It is important not to bury every negative thought or emotion or avoid your difficult feelings, the lowest points in our lives are often the ones that motivate us to change and move forward.

CODE have plenty of ways to help you each week:
Online Yoga – http://codestudents.co/Fitness – Every Tuesday at 6pm

Online Meditation – http://codestudents.co/meditate

CODE Community Support Group (limited to 15)
Every Wednesday
2pm – 3pm in the Communal Area

We hope to see you at the sessions and if you need any further help or support in the meantime please email: welfare@codestudents.co.uk