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Support bubbles and what it means to you

11 June 2020

You may have heard the government announcement that, from the 13th June, adults living alone will be allowed to create a "support bubble" with another household. If you're living in one of our studios, this now means you can potentially have one friend or partner stay in your flat. You could also travel back and forth between your parents' home and your CODE flat. Here's a summary of what the Government has said:

Making a support bubble with another household

In England, from 13 June if you live by yourself – you can expand your support network so that it includes one other household of any size. This is called making a ‘support bubble’ and means you are able to meet indoors or out, be less than 2 metres apart and stay overnight as you could if they were members of your own household.

You are only allowed to pick one other “support bubble”  – you should not change who is in your bubble or have close contact with other people indoors. This is critical to keeping you, and your family and friends, safe.

You do not need to stay more than 2 metres from people in your bubble, but good hand hygiene and other measures can help to keep you and the people you meet safe.

Travelling to your support bubble

There is no limit on how far you can travel in England to meet members of your support bubble (or them you) but the Government recommend that you form a support bubble with someone who lives locally wherever possible. This will help to prevent the virus spreading from an area where there might be a higher rate of infection. You cannot form a bubble with someone who lives in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Coronavirus symptoms

If you or someone in your support bubble is showing coronavirus symptoms, everyone in your support bubble should stay home.

The Government guidance “Meeting people from outside your household” provides more detail on how support bubbles work.

Who can visit and stay in your flat?

If you do decide to add a friend or partner to your support bubble, they will be allowed to stay overnight with you in your CODE studio. You can also stay with them, as long you are the only person visiting the household where they live (for example, they also live in a studio). If your friend or partner lives in a shared house, the people in the shared house must choose you – and you alone – as the single adult they are in a bubble with.

Your friend and partner can also only be in a bubble with you, no others.

If you choose your family as you support bubble, they can visit you and you can visit them.

Once you have chosen your support bubble you cannot meet inside anyone else’s home – that remains against the law (unless covered by any other limited circumstances as set out in the law).