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Living at CODE as universities adjust to the “new normal”

22 May 2020

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Cerys has lived at CODE for the past 3 years. She made the decision to stay in her studio flat before the lockdown and has decided to stay, even though students can now move home. Here she explains what it has been like staying at CODE under the “new normal” and why she’d recommend it for the next academic year.

When the current situation with the pandemic started to get more serious, I was mostly concerned and worried about all my family bring at risk and getting ill. I decided to stay at CODE as I was scared if I was to travel back home and possibly carry the virus, I would make my family and ill. Also, my mum is a teacher, and my dad works in the funeral business so both have still been working during the pandemic, which could put me at risk if I was to go home.

However, staying at CODE has helped me to stay motivated and I have had less distractions staying in my studio. I am sure if I went home, I would have just been playing with my dogs all day rather than doing my work. I also have found that being close to campus has reminded me I do still have work to do and deadlines.

Also, with the room being a studio it meant that I could keep myself as isolated as possible, which I feel also helped reassure my parents that I am safe too.

I also have felt supported from CODE with the regular communication and updates they have provided us, also the little gifts of drinks and snacks, or crafty things to help pass the time have helped brighten my day!

Choosing to live in the city

Living in a city is something I have found to be beneficial during this time. Being located close to many different supermarkets and them all being within walking distance has helped to do shopping, especially when there were difficulties finding things that had been wiped from the shelves in other shops!

I have also been going out for walks when the weather has been nice. My favourite walk is to go down the towpath, down the River Soar and walk to Abbey Park – or going the other way you can walk to Aylestone Meadows. There are lots of different areas of Leicester I hadn’t seen before and being here gives me more chance to explore than I could at home.

I would recommend moving into accommodation where possible as it helps to keep close to campus if there are any changes. As I study law I use a lot of textbooks from the law library and if the university was to re-open these services I would use them.

Also being away from distractions and noise at home can help me relax in my free time but to also get the quiet and calm I need when I am studying or doing an online assessment. It also helps to settle in to an area and your room before the academic year starts, meaning if you are homesick or you need time to adjust and get into a routine you can!