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CODE’s Fire Safety Policy

05 December 2019

Our buildings are modern, having been constructed within the last 10 years and have been designed for your safety and built by a reputable construction company. The buildings are either brick or rendered and they do not have any cladding. Sprinkler systems are installed in any buildings over 30 metres high, in line with current legislation, and as a matter of course. They are fully compliant with fire safety regulations and are fire risk assessed.

We have strict safety procedures including:


  • Weekly fire alarm bell testing
  • Weekly fire panel checks
  • Weekly communal fire door inspections
  • Weekly call point testing
  • Weekly automatic opening vent testing
  • Safety Demonstration by the Leicester Fire Service at induction
  • Regular fire evacuation drills
  • Regular internal flat door inspections
  • Fire alarms systems are subject to two service visits per year
  • Monthly emergency lighting checks


How safe is my room?

Your room is very safe:  Each room is a self-contained protected zone built with material of limited combustibility designed to keep students safe to give plenty of time for the Fire and Rescue Services to arrive.

  • There’s both a heat & smoke detector fitted in every room for your safety
  • Fire doors shut automatically
  • The communal corridors are equipped with smoke detectors.
  • All door entry is key fobbed and all communal spaces have CCTV. Our on-site staffs are available at reception or patrolling the building 24 hours a day. Their job is to protect you and the building at all times.
  • Any flats above the statutory 30m height have sprinklers as standard.


Please take note:

  • If you discover a fire, call 999 immediately and ask for the Fire Service.
  • If a fire is detected, the fire alarm will activate. On hearing the alarm you must follow the instructions displayed in your room. Do not run or stop to collect your belongings.



  • All entrance doors to blocks are self-closing. Please ensure that these close and lock shut at all times
    • In the event of fire these doors open automatically
  • Don’t prop the doors open – including fire doors
  • The use of candles and tealights is strictly prohibited
  • Always carry your keys and never give them to anyone else
  • Be aware of strangers on the premises – if you are not sure who someone is, ask them or alert the Office or Security Team
  • Lock your door when you are going out and keep it closed at other times
  • Do not to leave your cooking unattended
  • If you see anything suspicious, let the Office or Security Team know as soon as possible
  • If your room is at ground level, or easily accessible from the ground, make sure your windows are shut before you go out. Windows will only tilt outwards and should not open fully.


As ever your safety and welfare is of the utmost importance to us. If you’re worried about the safety of any equipment in your room or the communal areas, please contact the Office on 0116 2331233 or email info@codestudents.co.uk