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How To Use The Student Portal

30 August 2019

The student portal is one of the most important virtual places for our students. We often get asked many questions regarding the student portal and as such we’ve put together a little guide on how to get the most out of it.

Logging into your student portal:

Click here to log in

Entering your booking year

When you first log into your student portal you will be presented with your bookings.

You need to ensure that you ‘enter’ into the correct booking – be sure to check you have the right accommodation year.

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The Student Portal Wheel

The main functionality of the student portal occurs here and we going to explain the most important areas:

Contact Us
Account Details
Current Booking
Booking & Reservations
My Documents & Offers

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Talk To Us

If you need to speak to one of our team about anything, you can use the ‘Talk To Us‘ section of the portal to do so.


– Select a request type from the drop down
– Tell us a little more about what you wish to speak to us about
– Click send to submit your request

One of our accommodation team will endevour to respond to your message as soon as possible

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Viewing & logging maintenance issues

Using the Administration section you are able to view exisiting maintenance jobs and their status. You can also raise new maintenance issues here too.

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You can log a maintenance issue you have by selecting:

– The repair location
– The repair type

Then by completing:

– A description of the issue
– A contact number (incase our maintenance team need to get in contact)

Don’t forget to agree to allow our maintenance team to access your room whilst you aren’t there, this will allow our team to solve your maintenance issue quickly and efficiently.

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My Documents & Offers

Within this section you are able to view your tenancy agreement, upload your profile photo, view important docuements and your damage deposit certificate.

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Uploading Your Profile Photo & Viewing Important Documents

You can select and upload a profile photo to your student portal, this also helps our accommodation team recognise all of our lovely tenants.

Also within this section, you can view important documents such as the Welcome Pack, Policies and other important information.

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If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via the ‘Talk To Us‘ section of your student portal, alternatively speak to us on chat.