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Checking out of your CODE Flat?

10 July 2019

First of all we would like to thank you again for choosing to live with CODE STUDENT ACCOMMODATION, we hope that we have provided you with a comfortable home whilst at University.

It is coming to the end of the Academic Year and if you are leaving us then you will need to know how and where to return your keys. Your keys will be due back to us by midday on or before the end date on your contract, if you are unsure of this then please log in to check on your student portal under the grey “Documents and Offers” section, pop into the office / on-line,

For CODE Leicester call 0116 2335678 or email leicester@codestudents.co.uk
For CODE Coventry call 024 7610 5106 or email coventry@codestudents.co.uk

A key return form should have been delivered to your door, it contains many top tips to help you with the moving out process! If you do not have one please contact the office for more information.
Your keys are your responsibility, if the keys are not returned to us please be aware that it may be necessary for us to enter the room and clear the contents after your tenancy has ended, there will be a charge of £85 for a lock change as well as a charge for clearing the flat.

We are unable to store personal items that are left in your room therefore we recommend that you use Charity recycling points rather than items being discarded. Cancer Research clothes banks are located in the entrance of each block and you can collect free charity bags from the office.

If you have a bike stored at CODE, please remember to take it with you when you leave. Alternatively, please speak to a member of staff in the CODE Office and we can arrange for your bike to be recycled if you prefer. Should a bike be left without prior agreement then it will be considered abandoned and will have to be disposed of or recycled.

We understand that you may have a number of questions regarding checking out, as such we have included some frequently asked questions below:

I am leaving early – can I get my deposit back?

Usually, your deposit is returned to you after the tenancy officially ends, but we appreciate that many students often want to leave early and need the money! We therefore aim to check out rooms and, once charges have been reviewed, return deposits due within 15 working days after returning your keys to the office (unless there has been a dispute). However, sometimes the checkout can take longer than expected, therefore the latest date we would return your deposit is 15 working days after the tenancy end date.

When is my move out date?

Please check your Student Portal under the grey “Documents and Offers” section for your precise move out date. You will need to refer to your room offer and period of occupation where your last date is detailed.

What time do I have to hand by keys back on the last day of the tenancy?

Please plan to have your keys returned to the CODE office no later than midday on the last day of your tenancy.

Can a friend or family member return my keys?

We ask that you return your own keys in person as we will need to gather some information from you in order to check you out of your room and get your deposit back to you.

I’m leaving out of office hours – what do I do?

Please complete the Key Return Form towards the back of this booklet and place it carefully in the Landlords Post Box (red) located alongside the Laundry. Do place securely in an envelope along with your keys. It is very important for you to include the form in order for us to return your deposit.

How is my deposit returned?

We aim to return your deposit to you within 15 working days of the end of your contract. This will usually be by bank transfer so you will need to log into your Student Portal to review any charges and update your bank details to authorise the deposit return. We process payments Monday, Wednesday & Friday (excluding BH).

Can I have my deposit returned to an International bank account?

We suggest that we keep your UK bank account open until your deposit has been returned to you. In special circumstances we can return your deposit to an international bank account, however a charge of £25 will be incurred and this process can take longer.

How clean does my room need to be to get my deposit back?

If your room is handed back how you received it, allowing for fair wear and tear, you should be fine. Do refer to the Maintenance Tips provided earlier for additional guidance. The office has a Hoover as well as mops and buckets that you can borrow if you don’t have one.

I can’t leave until after my contract has finished – can I stay longer?

We are unable to extend the contract date on most flats without prior agreement.

What do I do if I’ve lost the keys to my flat?

Please contact the office when you leave and they can lock your room after you. It is very important that your room is locked when you leave as you are responsible for the condition of your room. There will also be a charge of £85 for the replacement keys/lock change for security purposes.

I have more than one set of keys – do I need to return them all?

You will need to return all keys associated with your flat. If you are returning more than one set of keys, we will reimburse you for the cost of the additional keys (with proof of purchase). Any money due back to you will be returned along with your deposit.

Can someone stay in my flat once I have left?

As stipulated in your contract, you cannot sublet nor have someone stay on site without you being present. You are responsible for your flat and any damage – please do not give keys to anyone else as this is against the terms and conditions of your contract and they may cause damage for which you will be liable.

How do I know the deposit amount being returned to me?

The total deposit paid at the start of your tenancy was £300. When we have completed all of the final checks on your room you will receive an email from CODE asking you to log into your Student Portal. You can then view any charges and request for your deposit to be returned to your nominated bank account.

I haven’t received my deposit back yet. What do I do? Did you leave early?

Then we may simply be working our way through your checkout. Our checkout team does not technically start until after the contract ends. We try to get through early check outs as quickly as we can. Left at the end of your tenancy? We aim to return your deposit to you within 15 working days from the tenancy end date. If this time has elapsed please check for an update on your student portal and ensure your bank details have been entered correctly in order for us to transfer your deposit back to you. Please note that we require your 8 digit account number and not your 16 digit card number as this common error can delay your deposit being returned to you.

I don’t agree with the amount that has been charged. What do I do?

We check hundreds of rooms and take great care with this process, but we are human and, if you believe a mistake has been made, then please email leicesterdeposits@codestudents.co.uk with your name, room number, block details, charges that have been made and why you dispute these. Any evidence you can provide (emails sent when you moved in etc) will help speed up any decisions. The team will investigate and get back to you within 7 working days.

Why can’t I access the closed Facebook groups?

These are closed at the end of every academic year, you can still chat to us online at www.codestudents.co.uk, call 0116 2335678, email Leicester@codestudents.co.uk or pop into the office and see us.

Where can I park when I move out?

We recommend using the short stay paid parking available on Western Road or the nearby Tesco car park. Unfortunately, we cannot offer onsite parking.

I’ve handed my keys back but made a mistake, can I have my room back?

Once you have returned your keys you have released your room and it will be in the process of being maintained. This is detailed on the form you signed as you handed your keys back early. Please only hand back your keys when you are 100% ready to leave!

I’m on an Exclusive energy tenancy how will my final bill be calculated?

If you are on a 48 week tenancy your final electricity bill will be added to your rent account on 24 July 2019, if you are on a 51 week tenancy then your final bill will be added to your rent account on the 16th August 2019. Your final bill will include daily standing charges up to the end of your tenancy. With an Exclusive tenancy you are responsible for paying the electricity bill until the end of your tenancy this includes a daily standing charge of 0.1642p per day inc 5% VAT or £1.15 a week. If you leave early and turn off your consumer unit you will still have the daily standing charge to pay. Please note, the final meter reading is estimated however we base that final read on estimated usage calculated from the last actual read which is taken 14 days before the end of your tenancy.

I’m on an Inclusive energy tenancy how do I check if I have exceeded my allowance?

You can check your allowance at any time by contacting utilities@codestudents.co.uk who will be able to give you an up to date calculation. A final read will be taken when we check out your room so we do reserve the right to charge if you have used units over your allowance. You will be charged 0.1227p per unit inc 5% VAT. If you are on a 48 week tenancy and have already exceeded your allowance and are already being billed on a monthly basis then your final monthly bill will be added to your rent account on 24 July 2019, if you are on a 51 week tenancy then your final bill will be added to your rent account on the 16th August 2019. Please note the final meter reading is estimated however we base that final read on estimated usage calculated from the last actual read which is taken 14 days before the end of your tenancy