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European Day of Languages at CODE

01 October 2018

Wednesday 26th September was the European day of languages and every year at we notice the growing contingent of international students staying here at CODE. As such we wanted to learn a little more about where some of our students were from and about the languages they speak in addition to this we asked student to place pins in our world map to get a visual representation of where some of our students are from.

We spoke to 6 students; Aashni – from Keyna, Bolasi – from Nigeria, Carlos – from Brazil, Daniela – from Italy & Shaxma – from London.

Which University are you studying at and what are you studying?
A) DMU – Masters in Investigative Journalism
B) Uni of Leicester – Maths
C) DMU – Psychology
D) University of Leicester – English Literature
S) DMU – Architecture

What languages are you fluent in?
A) English, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Kswashili
B) English & Yoruba
C) English & Portuguese
D) English & Italian
S) English & Arabic

Have you managed to meet any other students who speak similar languages and if so how did you meet them?
A) Attending classes and also through societies and club social events.
B) Simply hearing them speak on campus.
C) Yes, there are some students on my course!
D) I haven’t as of yet unfortunately.
S) Yes, through mutual friends which has been great.

Have you joined any societies whilst you have been at University or are you part of any societies?

A) DMU Bollywood Society, DMU Salsa Society, DMU Bhangra Society
D) Leicester University Afro Caribbean Society
S) DMU Afro Caribbean Society

Thank you to the students who allowed us to conduct this short interview with them and all the students who participated on the day.