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CODE are proud to raise the bar of Customer Experience

30 October 2017

Every year an independent body measures CODE’s customer experience by asking students on a scale of 1 – 10 how likely they are to recommend CODE to friends or family. Similar measures apply to other businesses whether you are buying a BMW or using an online store so results can be comparable.

CODE has a very positive Net Promotor Score of +44 which has improved from last year and demonstrates that students are more likely to recommend CODE more than any other comparable brand in the student accommodation marketplace with 9 out of 10 students living at CODE rating their experience positively.

The challenge is therefore to keep putting our customers first to  keep raising the bar of the students experience and CODE achieve this by having an active listening program to understand clearly what our students want and then to have a “can do” culture that gets key improvements delivered to make students’ lives more comfortable. This extends to encouraging a wide range of feedback as can  be seen by over 161 Google reviews which are individually responded to, to being open across all other social media platforms to ensure two way communication flows.

This year alone we have improved our internets speeds & Wi-Fi, introduced a new Laundry, run our online Chat service until 10pm, added a text and email notification to our Parcel Collection, ran regular themed nights with free food from the Café and introduced a Wellbeing program with plenty of resources to address mental health and anxiety issues.

And we do not intend to stop there with a further series of surveys soon to be released to see what we need to be planning going forward.