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AJM Sports Massage #SHOPLOCAL

17 January 2017

Let me introduce you to Amanda Gale, local masseur expert that graces Code Students every Friday – easing away the stresses and strains of Code team members (complimentary perk of working for Code Students!) and also available to our students or local community for a reduced rate. Born in Leicester, one of three children her eldest brother is a Fire Officer (who followed his Dad also in the Fire Brigade for 30 years) and the other a Shop Fitter – both of which she is very proud of.

Amanda Gale left school at 16 going on to further education studying psychology, sociology, and law. At that age she really didn’t know what she wanted to do, but over time it became apparent that she was drawn to sports working in a Leisure Centre on reception, as a life guard and swimming instructor.

Amanda aspired to be a physiotherapist, but as a single working parent with her daughter at only 18 months old, it wasn’t an option for her. Sports Massage was the closest thing and so she began training at South Leicester College. At the time you had to have a background in massage before you could go on to do sports massage and so a full-time complementary therapies course was the first step towards her goal of being a fully trained Sports Masseur. Following the complimentary course she spent another two years completing the next two levels. Amanda has been qualified since 2010 and spent the last 7 years fine tuning her skills finding great enjoyment rehabilitating her customers young or old, there is always an option and Amanda is able to travel to her customers should they need her to.

Working alongside Function Jigsaw (sports rehabilitation, physio and sports massage clinic) she has been fortunate to also be part of a team that massaged the Canadian Rugby Squad, The Barbarians, the Argentinean squad and also some relief work for the Tigers Rugby Team. The rugby players certainly put the massage couch to its limits and it can take up to 230kg (36 stone!). She has massaged a few celebrities along her way – but treats all customers with the greatest confidence so can’t divulge – what a shame! So who would be Amanda’s dream massage client? She told us “This is a tough question… I think Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only is he an excellent player he also gives to so many people and seems a genuinely nice person, he also looks good!”

Code Students invited Amanda to come every Friday, so the staff could have a monthly treat to ease muscles of those working at a computer or help with injuries from sports out of work as many of the team here are keen sportspeople. Most Code employees take advantage of this monthly treat and have some great testimonials to share:

Julia “Amanda gives a hard-working sports massage that you feel the benefits of for days after the actual massage, Amanda is great at working out the knots and tensions in a hard worked body, so whether you have been training in the gym hard have tense shoulders and neck from being hunched over a desk, the relief and benefits from Amanda’s massages are worth it to keep your body supple and ready for the next challenge.”

Vikki “I always have a lot of tension in my shoulders, once I have had my 30 minutes with Amanda my shoulders feel like I’ve had a weight lifted from them!!  Could be to do with the little chats we have whilst having my massage too :0) If I have any other aches Amanda always advises me what exercises would be good to try and strengthen the area and relieve any pain.”

Adam “I look forward to my massages, Amanda is very professional and knows her stuff, I always walk away feeling a little bit more relaxed”

Steve “A fantastically relaxing “tears to my eyes” energiser keeping everything in tune for the week ahead”

Lynn “Fantastic massage adapted to individual needs with excellent care and advice. Always made to feel comfortable and relaxed whilst working through the knots and sports injuries. A necessary luxury for anyone with aches and pains!”

So, what’s next for Amanda? She is currently studying Dry Needling – the use of very thin needles (like acupuncture) inserted into trigger points to reduce pain and tightness in muscles. The perfect complement and something to set Amanda even further apart in her offering. Starting at just £20 for a massage – Amanda is not only excellent at what she does, but affordable. So don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How to get in touch with Amanda for sports massage, relaxation massage or corporate massage:

E: amanda.gale81@live.com

T: @amandagale81

I: amandagale81

F: Amanda gale or AJM Sports Massage.