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Taurus Health & Fitness #SHOPLOCAL

21 November 2016

Meet Pete (Puneet Kumar) 32 years old and proud owner of the infamous Taurus. Retail outlet, wholesaler and on-line store with distribution satellite stores “Taurus Essentials” found at Find Your Fitness, Evolution Man and Daz Ball Gym. Pete is an enigmatic, successful businessman. But things have not always been so easy.


One of three, born in Leicester, Pete had a less than affluent start to life. His father Parveen worked in the knitwear factories, but after 25 years, like many in the area, his lost his job as the factories closed. As the main breadwinner, he went on to be a painter and decorator – but financially things remained tough. On top of this, at the age of 7 Pete was diagnosed with a stammer. This became a huge barrier socially as he became more quiet and self-conscious. Pete went on to study at DMU and achieved a degree in Business and Marketing. When he had completed his degree, he applied for a role at his dream company – Leicester City FC. Even though he was over qualified for the position, due to his stammer, he was turned down as he wouldn’t be able to answer the telephones. This rejection, tough as it was, may very well have been the making of Pete. At University he had begun to work out at the gym. His mother Anita, a professional story teller for special needs children had the idea – why not start his own business selling health and fitness products? His father had available space at 206 Narborough Road which was previously a printing shop. In March 2007 the Taurus shop as we know it began.

At this point Pete had begun to take control of what he felt had previously been holding him back. Undergoing 12 years of speech therapy Pete has successfully managed his stammer. Those who didn’t know his history wouldn’t guess the challenges and rejection he had previously experienced. Not only is Pete now a successful businessman, but he is also developing his skills as a motivational speaker so he can help others. He has trained as a hypnotherapist and has held talks in the UK and Mumbai, India sharing his positivity and passion for self-improvement. You can find his warm sense of humour, advice and support on his Facebook page “Six pack for the mind” https://www.facebook.com/sixpackforthemind/?fref=ts

So why has Taurus become so successful as others have come and gone in the same industry? This year alone they have been finalists for three awards, distribution has expanded and the on-line sales continuing to grow. What is apparent when you walk into the shop is the passion of the team. A true family business in every sense of the word. His Mum, Dad and brother work hard to make it a success. The stock rooms are scrupulously clean and orderly. They take immense care and pride in every product they sell. Carefully watching and anticipating trends they keep the most relevant stock, reducing waste but maintaining the broad range available. Pete has seen the trend for nutrition come full circle as customers originally sought their protein from food, then from supplements, now they have returned to food! His experience over nearly ten years in the business affords him the ability to give customers expert advice. Be they your regular Joe wanting to improve general well-being to your professional athletes such as Josh, professional boxer who started with them as an apprentice and now a full-time employee. They hold a huge range of stock covering sports nutrition, vitamins, freshly prepared meals, aromatherapy and sportswear to name but a few. Pete and his family are keen to help not only your physical needs but also encourage a healthy, positive mind set. You will always be welcome in the store, or pop on line and have a look at their website or popular Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbOYvNee_jOHhhE1vgUEHXw

You will find Pete active on social media, driving his positive messages, fun up-beat videos and sharing brand Taurus. When he is not working, he is socialising, playing his guitar, reading or travelling extensively as he explores his passion for travel photography. So, if you want a little sunshine in your life or advice on how to improve health and well-being just pop in store or pop on line. Pete and his family will be happy to help.