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Our Blogger reviews The CODE Cafe

04 November 2016

At CODE they believe that one of the most important parts of running a good and successful student accommodation is allowing everyone to come together in a comfortable environment, especially as all the flats here are self contained. Even though students have the freedom to live on their own, it’s seen as very important that we have somewhere to go when we want to be in a larger group. This is why we can’t emphasise enough the value that the café here at CODE adds to this accommodation! With the staff team coming runners up in the Best Customer Service Awards 2016, it’s no surprise that as soon as you enter the café you’re greeted by the warmest of welcomes from the team behind the scenes.

Not only is the café a place with a brilliant atmosphere, the food and drink provided is above and beyond what would be expected from a standard accommodation café. Having eaten in there frequently myself, I can personally vouch for the fact that the food is of a fantastic standard, and when you see the price list you’ll be surprised to say the least! Perfect for a student short on cash, but not in the mood to cook! It really challenges that saying ‘you get what you pay for’ in the best way possible! What makes it even better is that you can order food from the Food Booking app! There’s a link on the Facebook page so definitely check it out!

The café is also central to many of the things that go on here at CODE! Various charity events are held here throughout the year such as the bingo game to raise money for Oxjam that was held recently! Plus, a free food fest that I’m sure is not the only one of its kind that will be held this year. So how could you resist?

Another thing that really gives the café its character is the board games that are spread out across many of the tables on the far side of the room! It really makes breakfast more exciting when trying not to knock over the Jenga tower you made whilst waiting for your food! It’s the little things like this that really brings the café to life! It’s also where you go and pick up any parcels ordered so there’s always people popping in and out, perfect for getting to know the people you live with!

CODE café is the perfect place to socialise with friends and really is the heart of the CODE accommodation!

Look out for my next post.

Madeleine Morgan